Consider Volunteering with ECCO

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Community Resource Center ** Sorting Donations: Food, clothing, etc.General Maintenance of the Retail Area ** Donation Pick-Up Distribution of Event Flyers ** Volunteer Recruitment Fundraising - Organizing, assisting, behind the scenes Communication - Thank you notes, donation requests, etc. Public Relations - Notifications of upcoming events, press releases, community awareness Grant Writing, including assistance with research and writing Newsletter - Creation and maintenance ** Development of New Programs Implementation of New Programs ** Monetary Gifts are always welcome. They will be used for emergency assistance, program development, and maintaining existing programs.

The Elbert County Coalition for Outreach (ECCO) is looking for volunteers. Even if you have only an hour of your time to donate, please consider that time valuable to ECCO and your community.

Community Resource Center (CRC) and Thrift Store in Kiowa hours are:

Monday - Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM
Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM
(303) 621-2599

Joanne McLain, past president of ECCO, andPam Witucki, Director of the CommunityResource Center (CRC), provided the list to theleft of volunteer opportunities. Pam says"anything you feel you would like to explore,please contact the CRC and we can talk.Reach out to your community, work with us tobe part of the solution." She can be reached at(303) 621-2599. Community Service credits maybe earned by volunteering at the center.

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