About Us

ECCO is a Colorado non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 2006 by representatives of local community service agencies that understand the value of coordinating the services they provide.

Our Purpose

Strengthening Families & Connecting Community

The Community Resource Center in Kiowa is the hub for outreach throughout our Elbert County community. It is here where families and individuals can come to connect with each other in a safe and friendly environment, to help each other grow, and achieve their dreams. It is here where anyone in need can come to learn skills for living and to acquire the resources to put these skills to use. All people are welcomed and encouraged to participate in this community spirit.

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    • Our services include emergency funds for housing, transportation, and medical needs; and clothing, food, and household items for people who find themselves without other options. We collaborate with member agencies and other organizations to accomplish requests that go beyond our capabilities.
    • We coach people to develop their skills in budgeting, job-search, financial planning and self-development.
    • We work with Elbert County Foster Parents to provide resources for children placed in their care.
    • We support Elbert County youth and senior organizations.
    • We provide emergency support services for victims of crime and other families and individuals in need, assisting them in stabilizing their lives.
    • We provide an appropriate place for community service efforts by homeschoolers, 4-H families, and people involved with the judical system.
    • We provide services to fill gaps for people referred from Social Services,Victims Advocates, the Women's Crisis and Family Outreach Center, and our local schools, churches and community.